Van Hool N.V. "Van Hool" is recalling certain 2015-2018 CX45, TD925, TDX25, TX40, TX45, and 2016-2018 CX35 motorcoaches. 3,383 people follow this. Allows to read the ECU failure memory by providing the user information about the error codes detected in it. In April 2011 Van Hool launched the ExquiCity platform, aimed specifically at the BRT market. This bus is a longer version of the previously-introduced 30-foot (9.1 m) A300K (K stands for kort, "short" in Dutch and L for lang, "long"). T9 series are almost identical to the T8 series visually, and are largely identical mechanically as well, except for incremental updates. Van Hool, our new Strategic Alliance Partner in Global Passenger Network, launch a special version of the Astromega TDX29, the outstanding extra long double-decker coach of the Van Hool range, has been custom-made for Stagecoach Group in the UK. The passenger seat belt buckles outer casing may fail … Want to find out more? The 35 and 45 foot models share a nearly identical design. In 2018, Van Hool Headquarters announced plans to construct a new manufacturing facility in Morristown, Tennessee designed to produce public transit buses. … Also available as diesel-electric hybrid, A330 standard bus, full low floor, engine placed horizontally in the back. PCI, Diesel Control Injection, Common Rail, Allison 3000/4000 (4th Gen), Gearbox management system, Allison 3000/4000 (5th Gen), Gearbox management system, AS Tronic, Gearbox with electronic control, AS Tronic, Parameter setting of the gearbox, OnGuard Plus, Advanced Emergency Braking System, EHLA, Electro-hydraulic auxiliary steering, COJALI S.L. Also available as diesel-electric hybrid, A360 standard bus, low entry. These motorcoaches are referred to as Alizee (single deck) and Astrobel (double deck). Euro Euro 5 Suspension air/air Number of seats 74. [4], In 2015, Van Hool introduced a 35-foot coach to the North American market to compete with the MCI J3500. Coaches 1996 508,551 miles Netherlands, Meerkerk. Depends on each system. The 35 and 45 foot models share a nearly ide… Baltimore, Maryland's Charm City Circulator have recently[when?] Van Hool NV (Dutch pronunciation: [vɑn ˈɦoːl]) is a Belgian family-owned coachbuilder and manufacturer of buses, coaches, trolleybuses, and trailers. Be aware of recent Van Hool Tdx25 recalls to always be safe on the road. Van Hool Astromega TDX25/ GLASDACH/EURO 5 EEV/74 Sitze/WC. 2016 Van Hool TDX25 Adaptive Mobility Equipment Technical Service Bulletins TSB Number: WP1108 NHTSA Number: 10168594 TSB Date: December 2, 2019 Date Added to File: December 2, 2019 Failing Component: Equipment Adaptive/Mobility Summary: To retrofit from iteris to wabco ldw2 land departure warning system. Automotive Manufacturer. The CX series brings Van Hool’s quality design and engineering, plus rugged reliability and the perfect flexibility to your fleet. Tax /SORN; Years; New Reg istrations; Engines; Quarterly number of vehicles licensed or SORN. 9999 Van Hool Tdx25 Technical Service Bulletins. A survey of AC Transit riders found that they approved of the design and quality of the new buses. Production was ended in the late 1990s, following the introduction of the new (European) T9 platform. took delivery of 14 A300K, 31-foot (9.4 m) buses to build out its route structure. CX45E. At Busworld 2011 in Kortrijk, Belgium, Van Hool presented the successor to the T9 series. The ExquiCity was launched in two lengths, the single-articulated ExquiCity 18 and the double-articulated ExquiCity 24. But this is not just a ‘sleeper coach’. Your path: TSB Home >> 9999 >> 9999 Van hool >> 9999 Van Hool Tdx25 The following TSB(s) may apply to your 9999 Van Hool Tdx25. New TDX25 Astromega for Weardale Travel is 13.2m long, and it seats 81. Contact Van Hool on Messenger. Travelling in a Van Hool coach is being in a comfortable, relaxed holiday atmosphere right from the beginning. Now North American operators can take advantage of a true zero-emission vehicle built on the proven Van Hool CX Series platform. In addition to the A330 models, the Circulator now[when?] 2000 Van Hool Entertainment Coach 945 Custom Conversion Bus Entertainment Coach 45' length 102" width 500hp 12.7 Detroit Diesel Does not use any oil and has no smoke from exhaust Tare weight 40,000 lbs. They are comfortable and dependable, with just that little extra to … The AG300 is an articulated 60-foot (18.3 m) bus, while the A330 is a 40-foot (12.2 m) bus. uses the new A300K buses, which first went into service in April 2009. Dhillon of London of Southall PG02YWE by Bob 3 Seen here in Clarence St Coach Park York. TD925; TX40; TX45; More Service Bulletins of Other 2017 Van Hool TDX25 Components. It is the active diagnosis, which, for example for the engine, allows to carry out tests calibrating its state, like the cylinders balance, cylinders cutout or compression. (Ciudad Real) Spain You can click on, This page uses our own and third party cookies to improve the navigability and accessibility of our website and to optimize the user experience. It is produced in the Van Hool factory in Skopje, the capital of the Republic of Macedonia.[1]. Remedy Van Hool will notify owners and dealers … Germany, Hamburg. It was available in 30,-40-and-45-foot (9.1, 12.2 and 13.7 m) length versions. Van Hool NV is a Belgian family-owned coachbuilder and manufacturer of buses, coaches, trolleybuses, and trailers. Opens Monday. Introduced as a lower-cost coach for long-distance routes, the C20 series, styled similarly to the T21 series, was introduced in 2000 to the United States market. Search. AC Transit has over 290 Van Hool buses either in its fleet or on order as of August 2016. Such high-end employee shuttle service on luxury coaches has become standard operating procedure … For example, in "TD824 Astromega": In 1991, an updated "T8 New Look" was introduced, called the T9 in its North American version. In 1990, Van Hool purchased the coachbuilding business of LAG Manufacturing and continued producing their EOS models for about ten years. Vanhool Astromega TDX25/ GLASDACH/EURO 5 EEV/74 Sitze/WC . The Circulator recently[when?] Between 1974 and 1978 Van Hool and Dundalk-based coachbuilders Thomas McArdle entered into a partnership known as Van Hool McArdle to take over the bus building factory of CIÉ at Spa Road, Dublin, Ireland. York Region Transit (north of Toronto, Ontario) uses the A330 and AG300 buses on its Viva routes, though the A330 buses are being transferred to the conventional YRT service as more Nova LFX buses arrive for the Viva services. Double decker bus. Statistics for VAN HOOL TDX25 (model family) model family.. See how many cars of any make and model are left on Britain's roads. Intercitydd jrtokaibus.jpg 2,592 × 1,936; 1.51 MB. JR Bus Kanto D650-18502 Fantasia Shinjuku Astromega TDX24.jpg 2,048 × 1,536; 242 KB. 74 check-ins. Year 2012-07 Mileage 364900 mi Power 480 HP. It developed from a coachbuilder to a Belgian manufacturer of integral buses and coaches, known as Van Hool-Fiat. In 2008, AC Transit took delivery of a fleet of new model A300L 40-foot (12.2 m) buses. Most of the buses and coaches are built entirely by Van Hool, with engines and axles sourced from Caterpillar, Cummins, DAF and MAN and gearboxes from ZF or Voith. Euro Euro 5 Number of seats 91. Model names used during the T8's production run included: In the 1980s, European countries started to move away from standard bus designs, leaving the design of transit buses to the manufacturers. It was introduced in 2005 and replaced the TD924. It’s a ‘sleeper coach’ equipped with beds for night travels. Later models of the T21 simplified the windshield into two panes only, replaced headlight assemblies with individual projector lamps, and consolidated the driver console. Van Hool Model Astromega TDX25/ GLASDACH/EURO 5 EEV/74 Sitze/WC Condition Used Vat Reclaimable Yes First Registration Year 2012 First Registration Month 7 Cab Heater Make Webasto Year 2012 Mileage 587,179 km Color Yellow Gold Steering Wheel Side Left hand Tradus ID 5899661 Technical specs Gross Weight 18,740 kg Net Weight 26,000 kg Engine and Transmission Engine Make MAN … Weardale Travel of Bishop Auckland has added a highly-specified Van Hool TDX25 Astromega to its fleet, supplied by Moseley (PCV) (01977 609000). Year 2010-04-08 Power 510 HP Load capacity 16230 lb. For example, in 'AG500': Production of the A-series continued into the early 21st century, when it was replaced by the newA-series. in the affected vehicles, the front steering knuckle carriers may crack. Van Hool's exclusive dealer in the United States is ABC Companies. 3,181 people like this. the affected seats have j-brackets that may be missing welds which could allow the seat belt anchorage assembly to separate from the j-bracket. Van Hool’s T8 range that debuted in the early 1980s was part of the foreign invasion that eventually left the UK’s domestic coach industry with only one bodybuilder and no chassis manufacturers. 17 December, 2020 The future is electric. This version has the more standard 102 inch-width and more pronounced bumpers. A complete family was developed, with different length and configurations. Both are available as trolley buses, diesel-electric hybrids, fuel-cell hybrids or full-electric buses. They are Mercedes-Benz O510 Tourino DL10LON and Van Hool TDX25 Astromega DN16LON. On February 15, 1957, Van Hool signed a commercial agreement with Fiat; Van Hool would incorporate Fiat engines and other mechanical components (gearboxes, axles, steering) in its vehicles. 2016 Van Hool Tdx25 Steering Recall 16V857000. van hool TDX25/TDX27 ASTROMEGA, engine: MX Vehicle type Truck Trailer Bus Light commercial vehicles Ohw & construction equipment Stationary engines … Van Hool builds the right coach for each tour group and each destination. Later versions use Cummins M11 diesels. This version has the more standard 102 inch-width and more pronounced bumpers. 2018; 2016; 2015; More Emergency Exit Service Bulletins of Other 2017 Van Hool Models. Van Hool : C2045 (Year: 2001) Base Price: $52,000.00. A version of the TD925 was made available for the North American market in 2007. The TD925 Astromega is a closed-top double-decker motor coach meeting United States specifications. Different models (all available in at least 2 lengths, see 'products' below) include the Atlino and Atlon, with different floor heights, the Alicron, Acron and Astron, standard touring coaches with different heights and thus different luggage space, the Altano, which has an underfloor cockpit, the Astronef, which features a sloping theatre-style floor, and the double deck Astromega. Some production involves building bus and coach bodies on separate bus chassis from manufacturers such as Volvo and Scania. Also, the naming convention was retained. WOLNOŚCI 7. FirstTransit took delivery of 12 A300Ls and 4 AG300s in early 2009, for use on the University of Minnesota Campus Connector. Power of Electric, Reliability of Van Hool. Van Hool T 915 ALICRON. Expanded Features, Easy Servicing. The T8 platform was introduced in 1979. B13210489, inscrita en el Registro Mercantil de Ciudad Real, Tomo 137, Sección General, Hoja CR-4.822 Double decker bus. The A330 and AG300 low floor transit coaches formally entered service in AC Transit's fleet in June 2003. ExquiCity 18 articulated BRT bus (diesel electric hybrid, ExquiCity 24 bi-articulated BRT bus (diesel electric hybrid, trolley, fuel cell or electric, newA300K 30-foot (9.1 m) bus, shortened A300L, newA300L 40-foot (12.2 m) full low floor bus, side-mounted, newA330 40-foot (12.2 m) full low floor bus, side-mounted rear engine, newAG300 60-foot (18.3 m) articulated full low floor bus, side-mounted midship engine, 'Note: defunct companies above are shown in, This page was last edited on 29 December 2020, at 13:20. Numbers recorded on the last day of each quarter. The CX series brings Van Hool’s quality design and engineering, plus rugged reliability and the perfect flexibility to your fleet. C20 is available with Cummins ISX12 or Detroit Diesel DD13 engines. JAMJAMLiner SCANIA ASTROMEGA.jpg 2,000 × 1,500; 316 KB. They are the direct tests that can be done with the system components. SORN from 2007 Q4. First orders were placed by the Italian city of Parma (ExquiCity 18 trolley) and the French city of Metz (ExquiCity 24 diesel electric hybrid). Euro Euro 5 Suspension air/air Number of seats 74. VAN HOOL Diagnostics. Euro Euro 3 Number of seats 80. Browse by Year. Worldwide, Van Hool employs 4,500 people and manufactures more than 1,700 buses and coaches (bodyworks and complete vehicles combined) and 5,000 trailers each year. Section in which the maintenance intervals are displayed, indicating the operations to be performed on the vehicle, and through which the reports that make the customers management easier for the workshop can be obtained. Double-decker bus 2012 587 179 km Number of seats: 74. Currently,[when?] Also available as diesel-electric hybrid, A300 standard bus, full low floor, with side-mounted engine. 15. Get Directions +32 3 420 20 20. Van Hool Coaches are backed by a nationwide parts network and service facilities throughout the country. Van hool has released a work procedure to assist abc companies in … Van Hool Astromega TDX25/ GLASDACH/EURO 5 EEV/74 Sitze/WC Latest assessment: 5, Registration year: 16.07.2012, Engine: MAN, Fuel type: Diesel, Engine power: 479.95, Emission class: Euro 5, Transmission: automatik, Suspension type: Air-air, No. 2014 Van Hool TDX25, 2015 Van Hool TDX25, 2016 Van Hool TDX25, 2017 Van Hool TDX25, 2018 Van Hool TDX25, 2019 Van Hool TDX25, 2020 Van Hool TDX25, Van Hool TDX25. Coaches 2008 211,632 miles Poland, P.W. Technical information of vehicles including all the motorization technical data, tightening torques, capacities, graphics and other checking values…. With parts interchangeability, fleet maintenance is a lot easier. Consequence: Cracking of a steering knuckle carrier may result in its total failure, allowing a wheel to … $60,740 EUR €49,500. How Many Left. With parts interchangeability, fleet maintenance is a lot easier. $94,330 EUR €79,500. In 2001, Van Hool introduced the newA series transit buses, replacing the A series. National Bus Sales has been selling used and refurbished Van Hool Coaches for more than three decades. More Van Hool TDX25 Emergency Exit Service Bulletins of Other Model Years. The Detroit Diesel DD13 is also offered. [3]Greyhound operates a fleet of C2045s along with its MCI buses in Michigan. On Request. The 35 and 45 foot models share a nearly ide… Van Hool CX45E. Introduced in 2013 for the 2014 model year, the CX45 is a redesigned C2045 with a redesigned front end, new rear cap, and new interior features. 7,093 USD. Germany, Sittensen. In recent years, the company has been focusing on new propulsion technologies, introducing fuel-cell hybrid buses as well as diesel-electric hybrids. 29 October, 2020 Van Hool builds virus-killing air purification into its coaches. These buses are unique in the United States market, as they have their engines mounted between the front and rear axles in an attempt to improve the ride quality. The company was founded in 1947 by Bernard van Hool in Koningshooikt, near Lier, Belgium. This coach is called the CX35 and is offered with a Cummins L9 (ISL9 before 2017) engine. If the maintenance operations are completed but the maintenance alarm is not cancelled, the warning message referring to maintenance will keep on. Later models in the T9 series have larger suspension airbags, as well as front disc brakes instead of drum brakes. In the double-decker too, wide steps make it easy for everyone to board. Community See All. In the early years, the company introduced serial production and exported their products all over Europe. Displays on the screen the values of the different sensors connected to the ECU. Closed Now. Top class comfort isn’t just a slogan. VAN HOOL Diagnostics. Tel: (0034) 926 58 96 70 $117,500 EUR €99,000. Alongside these activities, the company continued as a coachbuilder, enabling further expansion. The factory was then closed leaving the Republic of Ireland without a bus manufacturer for several years. About See All. The co-operation agreement with Fiat was terminated in 1981. Covers United Kingdom … Your path: TSB Home >> 2015 >> 2015 Van hool >> 2015 Van Hool Tdx25 The following TSB(s) may apply to your 2015 Van Hool Tdx25. Van Hool Astromega TDX25/ GLASDACH/EURO 5 EEV/74 Sitze/WC - 2012 for sale in DE - Year: 2012, Mileage: 587179 When using our services you acknowledge that we are using cookies and similar technologies to improve and customize our content, analyze traffic, provide advertisement and protection against spam, malware, and unauthorized use. The new T9 series in Europe was launched in 1995. OSZYWA RYSZARD, BODZENTYN, UL. Call 1.800.475.1439 or email us to find the right equipment for your organization. 17 July, 2020 A safe and personal delivery of a new EX welcome to the world of van hool. It included a completely new body design and many other changes. Some ECU can operate with different configurations. The actuator of the extinguisher may not function properly, preventing the fire extinguisher from discharging the fire suppression agent in the event of a fire. The facility is planned to open in 2020, and employ 600 workers, capable of making approximately 400 buses annually.[2]. [5], Introduced in 2019, the CX45E is an all-electric version of the CX45, with Proterra batteries. Components SEAT BELTS Potential Number of Units Affected 1,528 Summary Van Hool N.V. (Van Hool) is recalling certain 2015-2018 CX45, TD925, TDX25, TX40, TX45, and 2016-2018 CX35 motorcoaches. The Van Hool TD925 Astromega, part of the Van Hool T9 range, is a double deck coach that can accommodate up to 81 passengers. $122,600 EUR €99,900. VAN HOOL TD 927 Astromega . CAMPO DE CRIPTANA It depends on each system. Aux diesel furnace to preheat antifreeze so engine is warm when starting New (not rebuilt) alt. For Sale By Owner . VAN HOOL Astromega TDX25/ GLASDACH/EURO 5 EEV/74 Sitze/WC . These buses differ from AC Transit's A300Ls as they have three doors and are equipped for cold weather and high altitude operations. JR-bus-Kanto-D650-18501.jpg … The same philosophy as with the T8 was applied: one platform, many different versions. 200_2_P1130030. The 13.2m double-decker has 81 part-leather Kiel 1020 seats, and every passenger has a USB charging point. Additionally, the T9 body is also available on chassis by Scania, Volvo and VDL, though only in Sweden and the British Isles. NHTSA Campaign Number: 18V209 Manufacturer Van Hool N.V. It sells an average of 600 coaches annually in the United States. Utah Transit Authority (based in Salt Lake City) purchased ten A300L 40-foot (12.2 m) buses in 2008, followed by four more in 2009, for its MAX Bus Rapid Transit system. At the Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung 2014 in Hanover, Germany, Van Hool presented the new EX series of touring coaches for the European market. Year 2006-04 Mileage 559800 mi Power 460 HP. Washington, D.C.'s Circulator uses the A330 buses. Hato Bus 651 SCANIA-VAN HOOL TDX25 Astromega (Forward).jpg 2,560 × 1,920; 274 KB. view details. It was available as 40-foot (12.2 m) T940 or extended 45-foot (13.7 m) T945 versions. These buses are powered by fuel cells from UTC Power and lithium batteries from EnerDell. Search; A-Z Index; About; Model family VAN HOOL TDX25. Bernard Van Hoolstraat 58 (4,884.10 mi) Koningshooikt, Belgium 2500. Also available as diesel-electric hybrid, AG300 articulated bus, also available as diesel-electric hybrid. The T815 was first introduced to the United States market in 1987. This point refers to the reset of the control units maintenance counters. Astromega = integral double deck coach (4m high, three-axle, rear engine), Astron = integral double deck coach (3.88m high, two-axle, mid engine, small lower saloon at rear), 500 = height of the floor, in millimeters, A308 midibus, full low floor, with side-mounted engine. It is available as 40-foot (12.2 m) T2140 or extended 45-foot (13.7 m) T2145 versions. ordered and since put 5 A300Ls into service early 2011. A fleet of ExquiCity 18s commenced service in Belfast, Northern Ireland on 3 September 2018 delivering the bus rapid transit service marketed under the name Glider. Due to American federal safety requirements and other unique factors, only highway touring coaches were introduced in the United States initially, starting in 1987. Astrobel = double deck coach body on other manufacturers' chassis (4m high, three-axle, rear engine). Avenida de la Industria s/n, 13610 18 December, 2020 Van Hool ships the first CX45E electric coach to the US. With parts interchangeability, fleet maintenance is a lot easier. 18. Since the mid-1980s, the company has also been active on the North American market. Double decker bus. (The European T9 series should not be confused with the T9 series in the United States market, which corresponds with the European T8 New Look.). Status: Available: Location: CA: VIN: YE2ZG11B8F2042802: Year: 2015: Make: Some systems ask to calibrate some components for its correct operation. The affected vehicles are equipped with … The examples and perspective in this article, TD925 Astromega double-deck touring motorcoach, Learn how and when to remove these template messages, Learn how and when to remove this template message, "Van Hool builds bus factory in Morristown, Tennessee, US - News", "Van Hool to present three world premieres and 18 vehicles at BUSWORLD EUROPE 2019 - News", "ABC Companies showcases new technology, facilities and programs at UMA Motorcoach EXPO",, Vehicle manufacturing companies established in 1947, Electric vehicle manufacturers of Belgium, Articles with dead external links from March 2018, Articles with permanently dead external links, Articles needing additional references from August 2012, All articles needing additional references, Articles with a promotional tone from June 2012, Articles with limited geographic scope from October 2010, Articles with multiple maintenance issues, Articles with unsourced statements from February 2008, All articles with vague or ambiguous time, Articles needing additional references from January 2009, Articles containing potentially dated statements from August 2009, All articles containing potentially dated statements, Vague or ambiguous time from November 2014, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, 24 = theoretical maximum number of seat rows, Astromega = name of the double deck integrals, Acron = integral single deck coach (high floor), Alicron = integral single deck coach (standard height), Alizee = single deck coach, name used for shorter length integrals and for all single deck bodies built on other manufacturers' chassis, including some bus bodies, Alligator = articulated single deck coach, Altano = high single deck coach with low driving position and passenger seating above driver, Amarant = integral double deck coach (3.88m high, two-axle, rear engine), Astral = double deck coach body on mid-engined Volvo B10M chassis (two- or three-axle, small lower saloon at rear). For certain systems even the modification of some parameters not affecting the vehicles security is allowed. The Reseau de transport de Longueuil (south of Montreal, Quebec) also uses the AG300 buses, and was the first to use Van Hool transit buses in North America (AG700) in 1989. Van Hool Astromega TDX25/ GLASDACH/ 74 Sitze/ EURO 5/ Latest Date of Inspection: 4, Registration year: 10.07.2012, Engine: MAN, Fuel type: Diesel, Power Output: 479.95, Emission class: Euro 5, Transmission: automatik, Suspension type: Air-air, No. Over the course of several years, a range of touring coaches were developed based on this platform, each distinguished by a number and a name, following a clear naming convention. The Van Hool TD925 Astromega, part of the Van Hool T9 range, is a double deck coach that can accommodate up to 81 passengers.It was introduced in 2005 and replaced the TD924.A version of the TD925 was made available for the North American market in 2007. Twelve of the buses are being purchased by AC Transit and four by CT Transit of Hartford, Connecticut. 2015 Van Hool Tdx25 Technical Service Bulletins. The A300K was chosen because of its ability to do the work of 40-foot (12.2 m) buses for nearly all operations with the smaller body and engine of a midi bus. Double decker buses 2012 364,856 miles Germany, hamburg. Later subsequent models are collectively known as the T8 series. A one-off extra-high body was also built on a mid-engined Volvo B10MT chassis for use in Britain. The factory mainly built buses for CIÉ in Ireland plus some for export to the UK. VAN HOOL Astromega TDX25/ GLASDACH/EURO 5 EEV/74 Sitze/WC . Transit coaches by Van Hool were not introduced until 2002. These 29 buses were purchased from AC Transit in 2005. Whereas the T8 and T9 series are almost exclusively powered by Cummins diesel engines, the T21 series is available with Cummins M11 plus, Detroit Diesel Series 60, or Caterpillar C13 ACERT engines.

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