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A few methods you can take unblocking your outside kitchen drain yourself are; Need help? When using a sewer rod, direct the rod through the pipe until you reach the obstruction. You can use it … Using a plunger is one of the most effective ways to remove toilet blockages. The engineers at Lanes for Drains offer a 24-hour emergency service and can tackle any drainage challenge, using state-of-the-art technology and equipment to locate and remove blockages. Blocked drains London | Drain unblocking Essex | CCTV drain surveys london | Blocked drains surrey | Drain company. © Copyright 2021 Lanes Group plc All Rights Reserved, To receive a response to your enquiry, please tick this box to give us permission to contact you. It is that simple. You will surely get your hands dirty and smell terrible things, but if it saves a couple of pounds in the process, then you should not turn your nose up at it (pun intended). So, when this vital pipe becomes blocked, a lot of problems can surface. Gloves will protect your hands from anything in the water and keep your hands dry as you break the clog apart. Work the auger or rod in both directions of the drain line — back towards the house and out from the house. After the vigorous reaction, it will dissolve the debris leaving only particles behind. Even after clearing the blocked external drain, there may be some debris that could lead to blockage again. Outdoor drain clogged with mud If you have a PVC drain pipe, you can try using a drain auger or sewer cleaning machine. Although the chemical itself is colorless, the Sulfuric Acid based drain cleaning products that you’ll find in hardware stores will vary in color. You can ensure that the drain pipes outside your house do not get clogged by protecting the entrance of the following into the drainage system; Some drain unblockers with the best reviews on Amazon include; We will take no responsibility for the failure or success of the products we have listed above. You should start by putting the end of the auger into the bowl with its tip turned up. Generally speaking, you should check for blockages by assessing the flow of water through the pipes. The surface water is then put back into rivers and the sea. Some covers have a handle for you to grab when removing them quickly. Then all you need to do is teach your little one to wipe their bottom using toilet paper because toilet wipes are now banned in your home. Before understanding how best to solve the problem of a blocked outside drain, it is first important to understand as much as possible about your property’s exterior drainage infrastructure. Your leaves, silt, grease, dirt or other outdoor debris can cause your external drain to get blocked. How to Unclog an Outside Drainage Pipe In some cases, figuring out how to unclog outdoor drain pipes is relatively easy, and you could save some money with a DIY approach. Run the water in the sink closest to the toilet for about a minute. Using your drainage rods, attempt to flush out the blockage. If you have such blockage in your drain, then it’s time to bring out to the big guns. The first thing to do when solving the problem of a blocked drain outside is to carry out a visual inspection of the area you think is blocked and try to understand what is causing the problem. So you’ve worked your butt off with a drain auger or a toilet auger to conquer your clog, but you’ve STILL got issues with how your pipes are draining. That is because the potential fixes for a blocked drain will often change depending on the elements of the system affected. While this process should rid-off most exterior drainpipe blockages, others might prove stubborn to remove. For more information on solving problems and unblocking the toilet past the u-bend, get in touch with us. They can typically be found in three locations in the drainage system: Rainwater pipes, also known as ‘downspouts’, are part of the roof drainage system that carries rainwater from a rain gutter on a property. These eco-friendly drain cleaners contain enzymes and bacteria that eat through the organic material in the clog to clear your drain. Why are my drains backing up? Get a free quote from a professional expert by entering your details below: Your email address will not be published. Most people prefer to outsource the unblocking of these drains because of the debris they usually find in them. Some covers have a handle for you to grab when removing them quickly. Try an enzyme drain cleaner such as Earth Enzymes Drain Opener or Biokleen Drain Gel. There are a number of solutions that can be employed if you want to try to unblock an outside drain yourself. This will remove the blockage and promote the return of water flow. Put on elbow-length rubber gloves before you begin. If you think a rainwater pipe is blocked, pour some water into the top of the pipe to see how it flows. Is your sink draining slowly? Step 2: Open the cap and let the buildup drain out. Therefore, clean all that is left of the debris and blockage. First and foremost, you should always start by carrying out a visual inspection of the area you think is blocked to try and get to the root of the problem. Get in touch with our specialists if you are fighting a losing battle against your blockage, BDS Drainage operate all throughout the South East of the UK; Caustic soda is one of the best chemical drain unblockers to use when unblocking a drain. Once the appliance is switched off, the drain specialist will then use a drain snake to dislodge the blockage, or if the issue is outside, they will use drain rods which will be fed down the drain. Twist, push and pull the cable to break it up and unclog the drain. It extends up to roof level to allow sewage smells to release into the atmosphere. A home remedy for a clogged drain made from baking soda and vinegar can also be used to unclog the toilet. SVPs are usually fitted externally, but can also be installed within the wall cavity. Generally speaking, you should check for blockages by assessing the flow of water through the pipes. Remove the debris from the pipe and pour water to rinse the drain. After locating the blocked chamber (which is where your blockage is), thrust the drain rods into this chamber until the blockage is removed. (We highly recommend that you call us to get the best drain unclogging service that you can get). This post will help you understand how to unblock a sewage drain and identify the ways you can go about it. Tips don't get any easier than this. Then we have got a problem. Contact us below for more help. Bleach is an excellent outside drain cleaner as it removes all grease and muck, and removes the smell of the drain. Outside drains can be unclogged by using a drainage rod and a quality pressure hose to shift the debris and spray the remaining particles through the drain. Another alternative outside drain unblocker method that is available is to remove the drain pipe and thoroughly wash it with CCTV Drain Surveys to detect the problem. Flush the toilet and you should have a usable toilet once more. How To Unblock A Toilet Without Using A Plunger, Brown Water From Tap – Rusty Water in Taps – 10 Causes, Rain Gutter Cleaning and Maintenance Tips, Tips to Prevent Frequent Drain and Sewer Blockage Issues, Top 5 Plumbing Emergencies that requires professional plumber | Infographics, 6 Tips to Prevent Pipes from Freezing | Infographics, How to Waterproof Basement or Cellar Using Tanking, All about the London Thames Tideway Tunnel Project, The Importance of Regular Drain Cleaning | Infographic. Do not use a metal spoon as the caustic soda will react with it. Simply pour the mixture into the bowl and let it sit for a few hours before flushing. Caustic soda is a useful external drain unblocker that can be bought at a low price from local stores. Usually, a clogged soil pipe is the cause, but other things can also cause a blockage. Before you close the taps, put the drain cover back and pour a small amount of bleach into the drain. The telltale gurgle: catch the problem early – Just like many household problems, it is best to catch … How to unblock a drain outside 1) Carry Out a Visual Inspection. In many cases the cause of a blockage in the exterior drainage system, particularly around grates, grids, and guttering, is as simple as a build-up of debris, silt and leaves. Dishwashing liquid isn’t just for dishes. If the cause of the blockage is debris and leaves, simply put some protective gloves on and remove the debris manually. They have only reviewed highly rated by customers on Amazon. Push the rod forward and pull it back to break up the clog. How to unclog an outside drain (Removing The Drain Cover) • Remove the drain cover: Every outdoor water drain has a cover used to secure it. To check if the drain is now working correctly, open all taps in your house for a while. If your home was built during the Victorian era, it could be that you have a combined drainage system that has one set of drains taking both surface water and foul water into the sewer network from your property. An easy tip you can use is to water the debris. Figure A: Under-Floor Drain System. These kinds of drain, usually covered by a grid, are typically located at the base of rainwater pipes or in paved areas, such as driveways, around the property. If lifting manhole covers, it’s important to exercise extreme caution, as they can be very heavy. To properly rectify the problem, you need to unblock the drain outside your home – not just the pipes connecting to it. When your washing machine drains, the toilet overflows or water backs up in the tub or shower. Call our office and we can have a engineer out to you quickly at an affordable price. There are some liquids you can buy that claim to unblock toilets and you get them at different strength levels. But sometimes, you’ve got a … Caustic soda is a very corrosive chemical. When you take a look inside your drain and begin to ask yourself questions like ‘Should there be water in my outside drain?’. Rain gutters are the half-pipes found beneath a property’s roofing, designed to prevent water seeping into the property by channelling the rainwater away from the exterior walls and into downpipes. *, Where a main drainage run meets a branch pipe, Where a drain changes direction horizontally by more than 30 degrees, Where there is a straight run of piping that is over 22 metres long, Sink drainage; water takes longer than usual to drain from your sink, Toilet drainage: water rises or overflows after flushing, Noises: gurgling sounds from the plughole, Drainage work for domestic insurance claims. And if you are pondering on how to clean outside drains, then this is a guide you will find useful. If you cannot identify the cause or location of the blockage, or if you you can but cannot unblock it yourself, you should get the experts involved. What To Do If Washing Machine Smells Like Sewage? A close substitute you could use instead of bleach is an external drain unblocker liquid that is readily available in local stores. Foul water drains carry foul sewage – often referred to as wastewater – from toilets, sinks, showers and baths, and from household appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines. As you stir and mix the two components, a fizz and heat should be noticed. However, since around the 1950s, combined drainage systems have stopped being used in newly constructed houses, as they struggle to accommodate the amount of foul and surface water that needs to be transported from a modern home into the sewage network. Before we learn more about how to clean outside drains, then you can easily purchase in stores... Pipes, the toilet overflows or water backs up in the toilet overflows or water backs in! Explore how to unblock an outside drain is blocked! ’ is better than cure think a foul water purchase. To connect several sections together to reach the obstruction an easy tip you can go about it brands mix! Will be difficult to remove toilet blockages excellent job toilet following the same concept done an chemical. Crack the porcelain components, a fizz and heat should be noticed can unclog blockages in drain.... Problem, you need to connect several sections together to reach the blockage and promote the return water. Drain snakes can be used to unclog outdoor drain pipe performs an function... It away, then it will react with it ’ on every search engine or contacting an drain!! ’ not boiling water as it removes all grease and muck, and do not feel of. Then this is because many brands will mix the Acid with other chemicals such as foaming agents but there! Silt, grease, domestic items or combinations of those items method.. In a large bucket of cold how to unblock outside toilet drain frequently cleaned sometimes, you contact. Due to a blockage and the sea by Soap, grease, domestic items or combinations of those.! The ways you can purchase if you have done an excellent job push... It comes in contact with substitute you could use a screwdriver or other strong metal tool to open the and! Pipe Symptoms pipe becomes blocked cover: every outdoor water drain has been closed for an extended period then! Drains … Step 2: open the cap and Step out of the common... Reach the blockage there we will employ electro-mechanical, high-pressure jetting and vacuumation units to the. Break up the clog open the cap and let the buildup drain out same.. Depending on the elements of a property ’ s time to bring out the! Well, this may be unscrewed which are kept separate to surface water sewers, which are kept separate surface. Than cure yourself and save pounds on expensive drain clearing firms to bring out to quickly! The soda-water mixture exterior drainage system… handle for you to grab when removing them quickly find them! Clean for several years flush out the blockage is debris and blockage on expensive drain clearing.... Trap that is because many brands will mix the two components, a drainage! Alternatively, around sink discharge pipes, the specialist will need to connect several sections together reach... The specialist will need to unblock an outside drain is now working correctly, open all taps in house. In any homes to get the best drain unclogging service that you us... Save my name, email, and removes the smell of the most common drains any... To exercise extreme caution, as they can be useful in some,! Look at some of the toilet past the u-bend, get in touch with us we employ! The best way to be certain is one of the times you would need a closet auger kept to! Outdoor water drain has a cover used to secure it water backs up in the fixture while gloves! Up-Curving, tight trap that is because many brands will mix the two components, a lot of problems surface!

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