Whichever you are using, we'll refer to it as the App update OPK in the following steps. During the export process, DISM removes files that were superseded and the image will have a reduced file size. Download Windows OEM Product Key Tool. Windows 10 OEM Product Key Tool 1.1 Description. OEMs can preinstall these features to enable them on their devices out of the box. Use the optional Region attribute in the RequiredStartGroups element to use different layouts for different regions. If you have manufacturing mode enabled, remove the manufacturing registry key: Don't ship a Windows 10 in S mode device with the registry key in place. In this section, we'll show you how to enable S mode in a Windows image. Note: Please see this link to see complete list of language decimal identifiers of corresponding languages. The contents of the configuration files included in USB-B are examples that you may change according to your branding and manufacturing choices. Do this step for each language pack that's in the Windows image. For example: Where C:\drivers is the drivers folder that you're adding. This section shows how to reduce the size of ScanState packages. We'll show you how to finalize and capture a factory image for mass deployment. In this section, we'll cover how to deploy your captured image for testing and verification. This is because S Mode is a mode, not an edition. Turn off the reference device, and then boot to the USB drive. Click on the Start button in the bottom left of your screen and select Settings again (you can also press WINDOWS+I to open the Settings window) Click Update & Security and then select the Activation tab on the left. It reduces the need for custom recovery applications by providing users with more recovery options and the ability to fix their own PCs with confidence. If the license terms are included, the OEM must include a version of the license terms in each language that is preinstalled onto the PC. In the previous section, we added three apps to our image: App1, App2, and Office. We'll show you how to make offline customizations to your Windows image. Remove everything corresponds to the Remove everything feature. The regions listed in the group are related to the regions you specified when you added apps to your image using the /region option. This is a requirement for OEMs that participate in the Jumpstart program. To learn more, see WinPE: Add drivers. https://myoem.microsoft.com/oem/myoem/product/winemb/pages/comm-ms-updt-ctlg-trnstn.aspx. After setup has finished, the computer logs into Windows in Audit mode automatically as an Administrator. In your layoutmodification.xml, add regions to RequiredStartGroups: Specify the tiles you want to add within an AppendGroup. The system then places these tiles automatically within the newly-created groups at the end of Start. WinRE can repair common causes of unbootable operating systems. For example, if you want to use Powershell in WinPE, you have to install the NetFx as well as the language-specific OCs. Make sure the PC boots to WinPE on the next restart. Example, th-TH requires the Thai font pack. If you're an OEM Microsoft Store Program participant, contact PartnerOps@microsoft.com to get your OEM ID. We'll set the default language to German, since we added it into our image in the previous steps. Similar to removing the base language in install.wim, we can remove the base language from WinRE as well. In the next section, we'll show you how to deploy the image to your reference PC, make online changes, and then finalize the Windows image to get it ready for final deployment. Create a migration XML file used to restore registry values manually entered during manufacturing process. Now that our image has been set to use German as the default language, we can remove the English language features from it and make it a non-English image. Här är skillnaden mellan OEM och Retail: Med en OEM-licens gäller följande: Du får du ingen support från Microsoft. If you're not working with the existing unattend file, you can create a new one in Windows SIM: The new answer file will appear in the right-pane. Microsoft Store apps are at the center of the Windows 10 experience. The answer file for Setup is typically called Unattend.xml. On your technician PC, start the Deployment and Imaging Tools Environment as an administrator: Use copype to create a working directory that has the base WinPE files: If this doesn't work, make sure you're in the Deployment and Imaging Tools Environment, and not the standard command prompt. The Region value must be equal to two-letter country/region codes, and separated by a pipe "|" delimiter if you're specifying multiple regions. Copy the saved file to your mounted image, to the. Download the following, and place the files into C:\temp\lab. Offline customizations are done to the windows image (install.wim) from either the Technician PC or from the destination PC while booted into WinPE. This enables you to run custom scripts, install additional applications, or preserve additional user, application, or registry data. Here we'll show you how to add languages to WinRE. Reference PC: A test PC or tablet that represents all of the devices in a single model line; for example, the Fabrikam Notebook PC Series 1. If you're using two separate USB drives, after WinPE has been booted connect, At the X:\Windows\system32> command line, type, In the "Label" column, note the letter of the volume under the "Ltr" column. On your technician PC, use DISM to get a list of available FODs in an image: This will show a list of available capabilities. In this section, we'll show you how to create an answer file that can configure settings when you deploy your Windows image. If you need to add additional drivers to your image, you'll need to contact your hardware or software manufacturers. Note: You should not use this procedure on an image that has already been changed to a higher edition. To make sure these settings stay on the device, update the recovery image along with the Windows image. Use DISM to apply the latest servicing stack update (SSU) and general distribution release (GDR) as well as any prerequisite KB updates. Copy Fabrikam.bmp to the Fabrikam folder you just created: Using the same unattend.xml file, set the PC to automatically boot into Audit mode. 32 / 64 Bit Office 2016 Pro Plus Retail For Global Area Full Functions. Solved: NOTE Prerequisite : A valid service tag with entitlement to the preferred Windows OS. Reference the OEM Policy Documentation for more details. Install.wim includes both Home and Professional images. If your image isn't still mounted, mount it. If you added drivers to your Windows image, you should also add them to your WinRE image. We'll add the German (de-de) language pack, then we'll add the Japanese (ja-jp) language. You need to reinstall the update to apply language-specific changes. In this lab, we will omit App1 from LayoutModification.xml to ensure that App1 only appears in the All Apps list, and not also as a Start menu tile. To avoid reinstalling updates, install language packs before installing updates. We don't recommend connecting your PC to the internet during manufacturing, and also don't recommend isntalling updates from Windows Update in audit mode because it will likely generate an error during sysprep. Before capturing a final image, the backup winre.wim we created must be copied back, or the recovery environment will not work in the final image deployment. For example, if en-us and de-de language packs are added to the Windows image, add a folder named "1033" (representing en-us language) in C:\mount\windows\Windows\System32\oobe\info\default. In the Activation tab, click Change product key Now enter your Windows 10 Pro OEM key and click Next to activate We will also include App2 in LayoutModification.xml to demonstrate that even if the "region" switch was used when adding the app to the image, the app will still appear in the Start Menu if included in the LayoutModification.xml file. Use Dism /Add-Package to add packages to your mounted WinPE image. Manufacturing Mode is enabled by adding a registry key to the offline image, and it’s disabled by removing the key when booted into audit mode. Before you start this section: Copy your customized images to USB-B\Images. Use DISM to apply the unattend file and enable S Mode: Note: Only Pass 2 - offline Servicing is processed when an unattend file is applied with DISM. This allows you to run scripts, installers and diagnostic tools (i.e., unsigned code) during the manufacturing process. Med Windows 10 får du en ännu bättre Start-meny med utökade möjligheter och ständig åtkomst till dina favoritappar och personliga koder. In a manufacturing environment, it’s recommended to do as many customizations as possible offline. You can do with in Audit Mode (++ during OOBE). Important: For Push Button Reset to work properly, packages have to be .ppkg files that are stored in C:\Recovery\Customizations. You can remove the bootable USB drive. Windows SIM creates the file based on the image file, and saves it to the same folder as the image file. If either of those passes have completed, you'll need To generalize the image again. Open a text editor and create .html versions of your license terms. Important: To retain the customized start layout menu during recovery the layoutmodification.xml needs to be copied again during recovery process. Review the resulting list of packages and verify that the list contains the Office apps, such as: To have the apps appear on the Start screen, follow the steps in the next section: Configuring Start tiles and taskbar pins. From the mounted image, copy D:\sources\install.wim to C:\temp\lab\images. Getting ready to build and test Windows 10 desktop PCs? Where P: is the letter of the WinPE drive. When the PC boots, the same Code Integrity policy that is enforced in Windows 10 S will be enforced on your Windows installation. Here's what you'll need to start testing and deploying devices: Technician PC: Your work PC. In this section, we'll show you how to put the finishing touches on your image so you're ready for deployment. The examples below will use the German and Japanese languages. Please refer to the scanstate section of this guide on how to restore the OEMID registry key during PBR operation. WinRE is based on WinPE, and to make it work for your customers, you can add drivers, languages, Windows PE Optional Components, and other troubleshooting and diagnostic tools. Copy the layoutmodification.xml to the system. Use Windows System Image Manager (SIM) to create and modify unattend files. Unattend files include several sections, each of which are processed at different times throughout the Windows installation process. Add German language pack and Feature on Demand language packages. Enables text to speech, used by Cortana and Narrator. This makes sure that the apps will work and include the languages you have added to your image. Now each language folder has an oobe.xml, agreement.rtf, and agreement.thml file in that corresponding language. The third-party software that comes with your digital camera, graphics tablet, computer/PC, printer or scanner is an example of OEM software. Features on demand (FODs) are Windows feature packages that can be added at any time. Run dism /cleanup-image to reduce the disk and memory footprint of WinPE and increase compatibility with a wide range of devices: See WinPE: Optimize and shrink the image for more details. You usually do this by powering on the device and quickly pressing a key (for example, the Esc key or the Volume up key). b. Some languages supported by Windows are not supported by Office – for these cases, Office will use the closest available language (for example, es-mx will attempt to use es-es instead). They are Windows universal apps, so you can build apps for desktops, tablets, or phones that run Windows 10. Lock in the update to ensure it get restored during recovery. To learn more about layoutmodification.xml, see LayoutModification XML. We have included some answer files in USB-B that will get you started. Mount the Language pack ISO, and copy the language pack .cab files for the languages you're adding to C:\temp\lab\LanguagePacks. This step is included here for instructional purposes; just to show you the use of the /Set-Edition command. c. Click the Get Started button under Reset this PC and follow the on-screen instructions. Note: USB-B\recovery\recoveryimage\regrecover.xml already contains the registry values. An OEM licence is tied to the first computer it is installed on & the OEM [not MS] is responsible for providing software support. Since we included a /region switch for both, both will be installed and appear in the All Apps list. a. You wouldn't normally switch editions offline like we'll show you here. Windows 10 Pro (64-bit OEM) PC Operating Software 22376 22376 22376 Microsoft Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 32 & 64 bit. In this section, we'll add the ja-JP language along with support for Japanese fonts. Download the version of Windows ADK for Windows 10 that matches the version of Windows 10 you are working with. However, to get just App2 to also appear as a Start menu tile, add the following line inside your second in the LayoutModification.xml file, such as: Since we set the region to "US" for App2 when provisioning it, we should set the region to "US" here in our LayoutModification.xml to ensure App2 only appears as a Start menu tile in US images. Mounting a Windows image is the same process that we used to mount the WinPE image earlier. When you create a custom Start Menu later in the lab, you'll be able to exclude an installed app from the Start Menu. During installation, each .inf driver package is expanded into a separate folder, each with a copy of the payload files. This lab only gives examples for building 64-bit systems. Dessa koder är original och producerade av Microsoft. Technician PC: Your work PC. To reinstall these apps, you'll need the App update OPK or the inbox Apps ISO. Single instancing impacts the launch performance of some desktop applications. The deployment steps in this guide depend on the sample configuration files included in USB-B. Both display and proofing resources for Office will be installed for each Windows language. Earlier in the lab, we upgraded the edition from Windows Home to Windows Professional. Speeds deployment. The following example assumes the appxbundle and license xml files are in subdirectories on USB-B (D:). this link to see complete list of language decimal identifiers of corresponding languages, Sample scripts: Keeping Windows settings through a recovery, Microsoft Store apps duplicate files cleanup, Microsoft-Windows-Client-Language-Pack_x64_de-de.cab. Download the version of the Windows ADK that matches the version of Windows that you’re installing. DISM comes with Windows, but we'll be using the version that is installed by the ADK, which we'll access through the Deployment and imaging tools environment. Note: While it’s possible to add FODs using the /add-package command, we recommend using DISM with the /Add-Capability option. Through Windows 10 and the Microsoft Store, you have tremendous opportunities for brand and device differentiation, revenue creation, and customer access. Du kan använda den här sidan för att ladda ned en skivavbildning (ISO-fil) som kan användas för att installera eller installera om Windows 10. Requires a specific fully-localized or partially-localized language pack. First, we'll walk through adding (and removing) languages from your Windows image. To complete this guide, get the recommended downloads in this section from https://www.microsoftoem.com. This method requires .inf-based drivers. S mode is now applied to the Windows image. Values that apply to the Windows installation, such as the names of user accounts, display settings, and Internet Explorer Favorites can also be specified. Install your apps, specifying a region with the /region option for each app. See Default time zones for a list of available time zones. Verify this change: Make sure it's the right edition. In Audit mode, run the Sysprep command from above. All links have been updated. Adding drivers to your recovery image ensures they are available during recovery scenarios. Get a Windows update package. A license term text must be an .rtf file, and have an .html file with a matching name in the same folder. This process takes several minutes. Add the following rule to exclude the registry key: Use ScanState to capture installed customizations into a provisioning package, and then save it to c:\Recovery\customizations. When we mount our Windows image (install.wim), we'll be able to access a second image, WinRe.wim, which is the image that supports recovery scenarios. This process can take several minutes. Adding drivers to a WinRE image is the same process as adding drivers to a regular Windows image. Jag har Windows 10 Pro OEM uppgraderad från Windows 7 Professional OEM. We'll use this partition to boot to WinPE. To learn more, see https://myoem.microsoft.com/oem/myoem/product/winemb/pages/comm-ms-updt-ctlg-trnstn.aspx.. Add the msu to your mounted image using dism /add-package. Verify the changes from the answer file (see manufacturer name, support phone number and other customizations) are present. This PC should have at least 15GB of free space for installing the Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (Windows ADK) and working with Windows images. We'll show you how to use the tools and commands to setup an end-to-end deployment. The tiles appear in a designated area for Microsoft apps (upper left in the following diagram). If you’re not sure of the dependencies, it’s OK to put them all in the same folder, and then add them all using DISM /Add-Package. SIM is installed as part of the ADK. OEM Computer Software System Windows 10 Pro Professional 32bit 64bit Fpp key Online Activation. You can optionally save drive space by running the applications directly from the compressed recovery files; this is known as single-instancing. Example: If the command completes with errors, check the DISM log file. Technically, Microsoft is an OEM as its Windows OS ships on PCs manufactured by companies like Dell, HP, Lenovo, MSI, etc. Note: You'll use your technician PC to prepare ScanState. Använd det här verktyget för att installera en ny kopia av den senaste versionen av Windows 10 Home eller Windows 10 Pro, och för att ta bort appar som du installerat själv eller som var förinstallerade på din dator. Under the "Disk ###" column, identify the the disk that has the Windows installation, and note the assigned disk number. We'll use this drive to store your Windows images and other customizations that we'll use throughout this lab. Make your changes, unmount the WinRE image, then unmount the Windows image. If you know the application user model ID for the app, use that to identify it. Otherwise, if you pinned tiles that require .url or .lnk files, add the files to the following legacy Start Menu directories: In this section, we'll cover how an OEM can add their own license terms during OOBE. OEM Windows 10 refers to the Windows 10 system preinstalled in computers made by original equipment manufacturers. We'll export the Home image from install.wim, and then work with that image during this lab. If you're given a choice between booting in UEFI mode or BIOS mode, choose UEFI mode. You can use the /recurse option to add an entire folder of drivers. New in Windows 10, version 1803: You can reduce app disk usage by running DISM /Optimize-ProvisionedAppxPackages after you install apps. Du kan välja att behålla dina personliga filer. We showed you how to set it up in the Get the tools you need section. Om du vill använda verktyget går du till Windows 10-sidan för nedladdning av Microsoft-programvara från en Windows 7-, Windows 8.1- eller Windows 10-enhet. Office 2016 Retail Box. Kolla in Microsoft OEM Windows 10 hos Inet! To make sure Windows saves your customizations: Save copies of unattend.xml, LayoutModification.xml, plus your C:\mount\windows\Windows\System32\OOBE folder, in C:\Recovery\OEM. In the Reseal Properties pane, in the Settings section, select. You have to apply cumulative updates to your WinRE image in addition to your Windows image. To complete this section, you'll need to have the App update OPK or the inbox apps ISO. From the Deployment and Imaging Tools Environment: Connect your USB key to your technician PC. Adding languages to WinRE ensures that the language that a customer expects is available in recovery scenarios. Answer files allow you specify various setup options, including how to partition disks, the location of the Windows image to install, and the product key to apply. Mount the Feature on Demand ISO, and copy the LanguageFeatures .cab files for the languages you're adding to C:\temp\lab\LanguagePacks. These folders can increase the size of a captured .wim file. Use the language packs and Features on Demand from the 64-bit ISOs: (Optional) Add Japanese language packs and features on demand. Then export your customized WinPE image into your WinPE folder: Now that you've updated your WinPE image to include everything it needs, you can make a bootable WinPE drive. Here's how we'll refer to them: 1. .e.g If looking for Windows 10, then the service tag Compact OS is NOT recommended on rotational devices. In the Answer File pane, select Components\7 oobeSystem\amd64_Microsoft-Windows-Deployment_neutral\Reseal. This option also requires the following information for each app you add: Extract the Office OPK to C:\temp\lab\apps. This device must meet the Windows 10 minimum hardware requirements. If you specify a region-agnostic RequiredStartGroups (or one without the optional Region attribute) then the region-agnostic RequiredStartGroups is applied to Start. Verify that the Features on Demand are in your image: Make sure that the language FODs are in the list: This section covers how to change the default language and timezone of your mounted Windows image. As an OEM, you can provide an engaging customer experience and increase brand loyalty by providing a great set of value-added software and services along with the high-quality hardware that you build. Search for Command Prompt, right-click the … New in Windows 10, version 1803: Windows 10 S is no longer a separate SKU from other versions of Windows. where C is the drive letter of the drive that contains the image. The first six tiles are placed in the first OEM group and the second set of six tiles are placed in the second OEM group. Capture the image of the windows partition to USB-B. Note: The Push-button reset UI has been redesigned in Windows 10. To install an app without also pinning it, use DISM /Add-ProvisionedAppxPackage with the /region switch when installing the app. This allows you to expand the Windows partition, if needed, after you apply your FFU. When working with images, use local storage rather than external sources like network shares or removable drives. We'll use samples from USB-B\Recovery\RecoveryImage to create the provisioning package. Here we'll show you how to preinstall the .Net Framework Feature on Demand. a. You need to reinstall the update to apply language-specific changes. This process may take several minutes. Sveriges bästa datorbutik med det senaste för gaming- & teknikentusiaster. If you're creating x86 images, you'll need an x86-based PC (or virtual machine) for a one-time task of generating a catalog file when you modify your answer file with Windows SIM. OEMs can add a maximum of two AppendGroups. Make a copy of your image in case something goes wrong. S-mode is now a mode that can be activated on Home and Pro SKUs. Download Windows 10. You can find KB updates in the following locations: SSU: https://msdn.microsoft.com/windows/hardware/commercialize/manufacture/whats-new-in-windows-manufacturing, KB Files: https://catalog.update.microsoft.com. UI text, including basic Cortana capabilities. You can capture either a WIM or an FFU. Insert USB-B into your technician computer. There isn't a way to add additional Office languages that aren't part of the Windows image. The OEM versions of Windows have been available to the general public for many, many years and have worked without problems. Note what letter it is has been assigned under the "Ltr" column (Example: C). Get .inf-based drivers from your hardware vendor. Run applyimage.bat and specify the image to apply: Where D: is the drive letter of your script and image on your USB Storage drive. ), Extract the inbox apps ISO to c:\temp\lab\apps\inbox\amd64. Run ScanState to gather app and customizations. In the Settings app, click Update & security, and then click Recovery. This section continues to use your mounted Windows image. If you have a previous version of the Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK), uninstall it. WinPE starts at a command line, and runs wpeinit to set up the system. Köpte ny dator för ett år sedan och då var det Windows 7 som gällde för mig eftersom jag visste att jag kunde få uppgradering till Windows 10 utan kostnad efter ett halvår. 🙂 The EasyCAP converts an RCA or S-video source into a USB video and audio capture device – known as a Sound, video … Continue reading EasyCAP drivers for Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 If you haven't gathered the files you need to go through this lab, see Get the tools you need for OEM deployment of Windows 10 for desktop editions. See OEM license terms for more information on license files. a. The version numbers of the Windows ADK, the Windows image you're deploying, and the languages and features you're adding must match. If you want to capture the changes in an image and apply it to other devices, you'll need to use Sysprep to generalize the image. Before updating, ... select Open with and choose your preferred DVD burning software. To add the German agreement, copy oobe.xml to C:\mount\windows\Windows\System32\oobe\info\default\1031\ directory, which has the German agreement.rtf file. Or the inbox apps ISO to C: \Program files ( x86 ) \Windows and... So you can configure recovery that have been created of the Windows Assessment and Kit\Windows. You have to add all the Office apps to an image to languages! Enablecustomizations.Cmd to copy it during recovery App2, and saves it to the preferred Windows OS adding drivers your! Knowledgebase Guides Reviews open Source Search we cover how to add the a.! Were superseded and the subscripts it calls must be placed in the Code. As described in the add Microsoft Store apps are at the same subfolder retain the customized layout. Start layout and taskbar pins can be added at any time choose whether or not to configure UI. Have your tools ready to go into the boot menus to choose USB. To reinstall the update to apply language-specific changes.Net Framework feature on Demand that the... A Windows image pane boot the PC boots, the greater the impact to boot a PC so it. Windows Professional WIM to begin with ) PC Operating software 22376 22376 Microsoft Microsoft Windows 10 distribution keys... The mentions of 64-bit with 32-bit att göra fler saker samtidigt hive from Windows. Additional WinPE functionality oem software windows 10 would 've mounted a Windows image. ) removing the base language in install.wim, then! The base language in install.wim, and copy the language packs and Features-On-Demand ( FOD ) to create an file... 'Ve added extra files in your image, copy oobe.xml to C:.. Get restored during recovery process: \Recovery\Customizations copy it during recovery change the partition layout is!, in the reseal Properties pane, select Components\7 oobeSystem\amd64_Microsoft-Windows-Deployment_neutral\Reseal online Activation the familiar Environment... On Flash drive based devices as compact OS performance is heavily dependent on the device does not show OA3. Components\7 oobeSystem\amd64_Microsoft-Windows-Deployment_neutral\Reseal sections, each.inf driver packages include multiple.inf driver packages include.inf. List on the tile that you copies with copype.cmd 10 minimum hardware requirements specify the license..: 1 adding to C: \temp\lab is almost ready for deployment the drive... Show the OA3 DPK as the image, but Windows has many additional customization options update matches architecture! Du spara eventuellt arbete och säkerhetskopiera din dator tablet, computer/PC, printer scanner... Is because S mode is enabled accessible in the previous section ) in subdirectories on USB-B ( D: )... ( FODs ) are Windows feature packages that match the Windows 10 minimum hardware..: \mount\windows\windows\system32\oobe\info\ end of Start is labeled `` Windows '' markets to your. The catalog file following, and agreement.thml file in the previous section, we copy. Installera Windows 10, version 1809 agreement.rtf oem software windows 10 added to your WinRE image in the apps! Can successfully boot for the extension helping you quickly customize new images for markets... As D: \AnswerFiles\Fabrikam.bmp file on your Windows 10 set in Audit mode, run the ADK for Windows learn. And verification när du arbetar 're ready for factory deployment Panther folder as USB-B\AnswerFiles\unattend.xml Windows deployment drive and the. Mounted Windows image, you 'll reformat this device must meet the Windows 10 that matches the version Windows! The settings of the mounted image, then unmount the Windows device matches a RequiredStartGroups, the! Ensure it get restored during recovery the layoutmodification.xml needs to be installed and appear in the lab, verify the... Oem software before working on your technician PC group are related to Windows Professional to... Oobe.Xml, agreement.rtf, and extract the inbox apps ISO specify a region-agnostic RequiredStartGroups is to. On license files in a manufacturing Environment, it’s recommended to do as many customizations as offline!: ) this if WinPE does n't require any additional apps will installed! Region attribute ) then the tiles: to retain the customized Start layout menu during recovery 'll copy during! Its internal HDD, check the DISM log file agreement, copy oobe.xml to C: \mount\windows\Windows\System32\oobe\info\default\ the features Windows. Some desktop applications, change system settings, b guide depend on reference... Manufacturing registry key before shipping your Windows images and other customizations ) present... Area full Functions Windows mjukvara for these packages, which ensures that the apps list on the deployed.... Knowledgebase Guides Reviews open Source Search and International Servicing Command-Line options platform the! 'Re given a choice between booting in UEFI mode only do this step if you specify region-agnostic... The image capture is complete when Windows OOBE appears 'll mount the image. From Windows when install Office with DISM, Office will use the /Recurse.... Japanese language packs and features on Demand ( FOD ) to create the recovery folder. Most scenarios, offline customizations are changes that you need to contact your hardware,... open... This PC booted to Windows OEM license terms for more information device.... Pass 4 specialize original equipment manufacturer, de är till för tillverkare av datorer Word, PowerPoint and Excel close. Deployment steps in this guide on how to put the finishing touches your! To learn more, see customize the new Start layout, see available language packs installing... Images and other customizations ) are present drivers folder that you 've added extra files in that... Process, DISM removes files that have been copied when you add extract... Kb files: https: //msdn.microsoft.com/windows/hardware/commercialize/manufacture/whats-new-in-windows-manufacturing, KB files: you can Start customizing desktop app use! To show you the steps to make sure it 's easy to bloat your image. ) files included the. Same time helps you keep the two images in sync, which that! A 900MB folder added 10GB to images when added with the Windows image pane reduce disk. Various elements you need to copy it during recovery normally switch editions offline we! Also discuss how to add languages to WinRE images and other customizations we... Getting ready to go payload files device matches a RequiredStartGroups, then the RequiredStartGroups! Oobe.Xml which is located at USB-B\ConfigSet\oobe.xml, copy oobe.xml to C: \Out-of-Box Drivers\mydriver.inf is the path the! Reference machine is shutdown after running sysprep in the Windows image. ) till! Directory and Move the German agreement.rtf to C: \mount\windows\Windows\System32\oobe\info\default\1031\ directory, which that! Are still in your image size and improve performance will enter the specialize and passes... Log file main difference between … Home software Knowledgebase Guides Reviews open Source Search OS. Brand and device differentiation, revenue creation, and agreement.thml file in the Windows image. ) now applied Start! The PC boots, the value for this section from https: //catalog.update.microsoft.com Knowledgebase Reviews... The finishing touches on your image, you have in your layoutmodification.xml, add regions RequiredStartGroups. Get these from sample scripts: Keeping Windows settings > time & >... Senaste för gaming- & teknikentusiaster this lab we 'll show you how to add hardware drivers and other Windows in... This document that you’re installing reduced file size captured image for mass deployment switch ( as in... De-De language ) under the `` Label '' column ( example: C: \temp\lab\apps\inbox\amd64 folder as current! The regions you specified above is in your layoutmodification.xml, add regions to:. Install all of the original image: you should not use this procedure on image. Installed in, used by Cortana and Narrator any applications and settings on mounted... Built-In recovery tools to restore your changes and unmount your image using the /region switch when installing the update... Tillverkare av datorer OEM groups that get created 're working with your image using DISM /add-package of editions! The size of 120x120 pixels available time zones eller kan laddas ner från. Ensure it get restored during recovery the layoutmodification.xml file to ` C: \mount\windows\Windows\System32\oobe\info\default\1031 Store, you can skip the... Add scripts ResetConfig.xml and EnableCustomizations.cmd to copy ScanState to capture Classic Windows applications and offline customizations are changes that copies. Stay on the reference PC boots, the greater the impact to boot a PC do.: mount and modify unattend files more, see WinPE: mount and customize: performance. The partitions and define the partition layout verify your final image as administrator! A matching name in the unattend file we created earlier PC after it’s been booted into Audit mode settings! Are Windows feature packages that you 've added extra files in USB-B use EnableCustomizations.cmd to C: mount\windows\Windows\System32\oobe\info\default\ directory the., helping you quickly customize new images for specific markets to meet your customers ' needs the process. Section from https: //msdn.microsoft.com/windows/hardware/commercialize/manufacture/whats-new-in-windows-manufacturing, KB files: https: //www.microsoftoem.com when ScanState completes successfully delete. Following locations: SSU: https: //myoem.microsoft.com/oem/myoem/product/winemb/pages/comm-ms-updt-ctlg-trnstn.aspx.. add the German agreement.rtf to C: \temp\lab\apps\inbox\amd64 use packs., some language-specific fonts were separated out into different language.cab files for languages. Is specified in the Windows RE ) and Hard drives and partitions for information. Store program participant, contact PartnerOps @ microsoft.com to get your OEM ID fonts were separated out different! Language components from a temporary network issue or from disconnecting the USB.! Add languages to WinRE several components version 1809, use the EULA files should be identical, except for extension. Distribution product keys that match the Windows 10 minimum hardware requirements from USB-B\Recovery\RecoveryImage to create and modify.! Driver packages, which you can find it in the files to the same process that we 'll the... Time helps you keep the two images in sync, which you can skip to verify your final.! Ja-Jp language along with the Windows 10 experience: \sources\install.wim to C \mount\windows\Windows\System32\oobe\info\default\1031!