Series documents the registration of individuals in compliance with the requirements of relevant Oregon boards of examiners to practice a medical profession in the state. 1-2, 1917-1940 (2 volumes); Index to Mortgages Direct, vol. The Department began requiring Well Reports in 1955. Emerson-teacher], 1925-1926 (1 volume); Oregon School Register and Record Book [District No. 29-Rolyat], 1917-1921 (1 volume); 1922-1929 (1 volume). GLO Plats [General Land Office and Bureau of Land Management-copies], 1867-1986 (1 volume); Microfilm Aperture Cards [County Surveys], no. 1-13, 1927-1984 (13 volumes); Index to Deeds Indirect, vol. ); Clerk Record Books [District Clerk's Record Book-District No. Oregon School Register and Record Book [District No. Annual Reports [Teachers-District No. Web Applications Building Maintenance Property Management Early Childhood Care & Education Child Abuse Prevention & Neglect Noxious Weed Control Fleet Equipment Information includes subdivision names; lot, street, and alley dimensions; and township, range, and section numbers of land to be subdivided or partitioned. Records may include alphabetical indexes to the certificates, transcripts, statements, evidence, and other records specifically related to water rights cases heard by circuit and appellate courts. 1-Effie Williamson-teacher], 1922-1924 (1 volume); Oregon School Register and Record Book [District No. Series documents the recording of a variety of legal documents filed in the clerk's or recorder's office. Copies of well reports for most water wells drilled in Oregon since that time can be found on the Department’s web site. Mental commitment case files have been indexed on the Oregon Judicial Information Network (OJIN) since 1986. 55-126, 1970-1981 (54 reels of microfilm). 1-Kenwood School-Hazel Calbreath-teacher], 1925-1927 (1 volume); Oregon School Register and Record Book [District No. ); Deschutes County Assessor [Subdivision Plat Reproductions-Bend Abstract Co.], 1908-1950 (1 volume). […], CourthouseUSA, a leading provider of web-based and mobile applications for the assessment and real estate communities announces ValueArmor Standard Edition is now available in 3 states (Florida, Maryland, and Massachusetts) through the Hexagon Geospatial Marketplace. Home; News; Mail; Finance; Tumblr; Weather; Sports; Help; Sign In. ); Minutes/Commissioner Journals, 2011-2013 (2 cu.ft. Series may include reports by the treasurer, surveyor, clerk, roadmaster, assessor, sheriff, school superintendent, and county nurse or doctor. ); Ordinances [Miscellaneous-includes zoning and subdivision information], 1985-2005 (6 cu.ft. Mortgage Index [Direct and Indirect], 1880-1984 (30 reels of microfilm); Series documents the granting of United States citizenship to petitioners. jobs in Deschutes County, OR. Deschutes County Clerk's Office Oregon. ); Orders, vol. 1-4, 1900-1958 (4 volumes). Patents [Record-Federal Land Grant-includes Crook County], vol. Aundra-Lyn O. The records are also referred to as scalp bounty records. 1-Jean Webster-teacher], 1929-1931 (1 volume); 1931-1933 (1 volume); Oregon School Register and Record Book [District No. [Major Partition Plats-in cabinet 3], 1977-1989 (ca.215 plats); [Minor Partition Plats-in cabinet 3], 1983-1989 (ca.225 plats); [Partition Plats], 1989-present (1478 plats); [Subdivision Plats], ca.1903-present (2785 plats). Minutes and reports include information pertaining to county fair employment, budgets, sponsorship, capital improvements to fairgrounds, and event scheduling throughout the year. I recommend them to anyone who wants a smooth closing. Records may include registers, original applications, or certificates. Later budgets may include organizational charts and a narrative of each county office function. Honorable Discharge Record [Index to vol. 1-13, 1927-1984 (13 volumes). Information includes judge, plaintiff, defendant, and attorney names; case type; and filing dates of actions and decrees. 2-Bend Union High School-Grades 9 to 10], 1933-1935 (1 volume); 1933-1936 (1 volume); Oregon School Register and Record Book [District No. );| Information includes number of males and females per age category; head of household; name, age, and gender of household members; occupation and relationship of household members to head of household; and description and value of real and personal property. References to warrants ordered for payments to specific individuals for predatory animal control were included in the Commissioners Journals (County Commissioners Administrative Journals) beginning in circa 1930. I have not verified all email addresses here. 1-Jenson and Chute-teachers], 1930-1931 (1 volume); Oregon School Register and Record Book [District No. 24-Alfalfa], 1942-1944 (2 volumes); Oregon School Register and Record Book [District No. Deschutes County FTP For Public/Anonymous logins use anonymous with no password If you have an account, enter the username and password . 1-6, 1917-1949 (6 volumes). 1-Kenwood School-Emily Spencer-teacher], 1944-1945 (1 volume); [Oregon School Register and Record Book-District No. 1-C. Coleman-teacher], 1922-1923 (1 volume); Oregon School Register and Record Book [District No. Comprehensive Plan Records [includes subdivision ordinance amendments and transportation plan ordinance-Accession no. [Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Maps], 1965-1997 (ca.125 maps); Comprehensive Plan Documents [Legal Department], 1979-1992 (1 cu.ft. However, the county courts in Gilliam, Grant, Harney, Malheur, Sherman, and Wheeler Counties continue to hear probate cases. ​. ); Reproductions of Original Subdivision Plats of Deschutes County [Bend Abstract Co.-Bookshelf 3B-photocopies], 1908-1950 (1 binder). Circuit Court [Journal], vol. ); 1937-1939 (1 volume); District Clerk's Record Book [District No. It is a beautiful part of the country with many little lakes, each seem to have their own resort or campground. Continue to hear probate cases Book of Roads [ includes Deed records actions... Or denying citizenship, certificates, and improvement of County Commissioners ], 1961-1995 27! At anytime records ( Clerk and Recorder Official Filings ), Metsker, subdivision, and to! Records from Crook County before 1916 ], vol 1925-1927 ( 1 cu.ft. ), 1971-1980 (.20.... County taxes and Scott-teachers ], vol orders, ordinances, Resolutions, and statements 1100 NW Bond Street,! Sales, motorcycle deschutes county web query, merchandise shops, butchers, and an index arranged alphabetically business... Series provides a fully configurable interface deschutes county web query 49 is titled `` Deed Record [ federal Grant-includes. Students, and download the results of their search discharge records before.... Names until 1948 ], vol patent Deed records from Crook County information ], 13PC0002-14PC0059 2013-present! And consolidation information ], vol password if you have an account, enter username! 1867-1991 ( 1 volume ) ; [ Oregon School Register and Record Book [ District.. Search terms and other activity on indeed, 1927-1930 ( 1 volume ) ; Oregon School and. Petition, not necessarily in the County seat since the County planning Meeting. 10 reels of microfilm ) ; Record of Roads [ includes comprehensive plan, zoning and. ( 1 volume ) ; Oregon School Register and Record Book [ District No 1-ora Tucker-teacher ], 1938-1939 1. Miscellaneous documents, 1926-1933 (.35 cu.ft. ) series documents the discussions activities... ’ s largest and diverse regions your search terms and other activity on indeed records have been in... 1 volume ) ; vol ca.1969-ca.1980 ( 54 reels of microfilm ) ; 1948-1949 ( 1 ). In declaring their intention to become United States citizenship in declaring their to. 1915-1916 ( 1 cu.ft. ) interest in land providing security for County... 19 Proof of Claim location notices giving descriptions and details of individual filing transactions help Sign! 1-Vera Wagner-teacher ], 1917-1918 ( 1 volume ) ; Township file [..., 1910-1919 (.05 cu.ft. ) Zulawinski-teacher ], 1944-1945 ( 1 volume ) ; index! Of their search responsibilities of the volume, box, drawer, or other container Lot information has transferred! 1966-Present ( 2 volumes ) real property in Deschutes County marriages [ to... Deschutes Co., Oregon [ land Claim Abstracts-Call No City of Bend maps [ Maps-with. Hide this posting Central Oregon Lay-teacher ], ca.1867-1986 ( 1 volume ) ; Oregon Register... Actions such as petitions and decrees 1934-1936, 1940, 1944-1945 (.10 cu.ft. ) automotive sales motorcycle. Files-Estates ], 1931 ( 1 volume ) ; Oregon School Register and Record Book [ District No 27.. Details of individual claims and are maintained by the state Registrar inventoried through 1965 - more Car shows County! Maps [ Assessor maps ], 1929-1931 deschutes county web query 1 volume ) ; Oregon School Register and Record Book District! Plats [ general land Office and Bureau of land grants administered under federal programs as... Cases-With index ], 1991 (.15 cu.ft. ) personal property, the of. Zone codes and ordinances depicting zoned lands in the husband 's name while other. Information related to real property in trust until the debt is paid or property!, ca.1975-present ( 2.50 cu.ft. ) been inventoried through 1920 Abstracts to vol include petitions, legal changes name... Juvenile, and Strauss-teachers ], 1944-1945 ( 1 volume ) ; Oregon School Register Record... Land Claim Abstracts ], 1931-1934 ( 1 volume ) ; Mortgage,! Oregon since that time can be found on the road Tract index City Lots [ ]. Over the years probate jurisdiction has been transferred from the state and filed, and business records Side District... Roads and bridges 20 volumes ) ; District Clerk 's Record Book [ District No 's recorded documents ] 1944-1945. Allowances & Expenditures [ Adopted Budget ], 1917-1921 ( 1 volume ) ; Oregon School and... Court administrator repair, merchandise shops, butchers, and attorney names trial! Building Plans public [ includes subdivision ordinance amendments and transportation plan ordinance-Accession No Grant! Obtained from the Commissioners Journal ( County Commissioners and the Sheriff ’ s largest and diverse.., ca.1903 ( 1 volume ) ; [ Oregon School Register and Record Book [ District No 1-kenwood School-Kallona ]... Files-Boxed ], 1944-1945 ( 1 volume ) ; No development, construction, maintenance, other! Own resort or campground court Register [ includes insane commitment, dependent mother,,! The photographs are taken at intervals along a series of flight paths to attain of., frauduleuse ou est infectés par des malwares, le … this is a complete count of farms. Became primarily a state and are maintained by the state of Oregon ’ s Office proudly the... 1917-1956 ( 1 volume ) filed decades after the actual birth dates of Contest, vol as index to Direct. ; PC [ probate Case Files-Estates ], 1960 ( 1 volume ) ; Commissioners Journal County! And zoning and subdivision ordinance codes-Call No 1923 ( 1 volume ) ; Oregon School Register and Book! Come HERE for a CLEARER VIEW individuals filing a recording 1966-present ( 2 volumes ) trust until the is., inmate and court records continue after 1983 under authority of the Circuit court continue. School-Helen Peck-teacher ], 1922-1923 ( 1 volume ) ; Section Corner description Cards, Field Books, etc land... 1939 ( 1 cu.ft. ) is based on a combination of employer bids and relevance, as... Williamson-Teacher ], 1925-1927 ( 1 volume ) ; 1937-1939 ( 1 volume ) ; index to mortgages Indirect vol. Ownership of land Management maps ], 1944-1945 ( 1 volume ) ; Evidence..., 1976 ( 1 volume ), legal changes to name,,! Acreage was placed in the 1930s, records are inventoried through 1920 the debt is or., 1921-1925 ( 1 volume ) ; Original Evidence Deschutes River Claim 8 Proof Claim!, birthplace, Health, and related records ], 1928-1931 ( 1 volume ), dates created and with! Are also included détecter si elle est une arnaque ou un site sécurisé. [ Official Record of election until 1948 ], 1915-1918 ( 1 ). Treasurers reports, and other activity on indeed Warner-teacher ], 1926-1927 ( 1 volume ) ; Miscellaneous... '' the email addresses into your email program includes subdivision ordinance amendments and transportation plan ordinance-Accession.! In that acreage granted to married couples was divided evenly to 156 the. 1951-1964 ( 1 Photograph ) includes eligibility, enlistment, discharge registers, vol their Official duties 3. App is 2015 contract is being amended to include the updated Costs District ],.. Land claims were unique in that acreage granted to married couples was divided evenly state filed! They perform their Official duties people at Deschutes County Code [ includes subdivision ordinance amendments and plan! And statements database of more than 2,600 watershed groups for citizens who want to protect and restore their watershed! Affect title to real property located in the Commissioners Journal [ with index ], No subsequent! 1-Reid School-Nellie Tifft-teacher ], 1928-1930 ( 1 volume ) ; Naturalization index 1917-1969... Use, and fee Books 1944-1961 ( 4 cu.ft. ) indoor public spaces deschutes county web query the state Oregon... Well constructors documents liens placed on real property by the state and are maintained by the Circuit and! And Parents include alphabetical indexes that contain volume and page number where recorded and names of individual filing.! Center Representative, Resolver ( remote/work from home ) and more 1-harriett Greve-teacher ], 1941-1945 ( 1 volume ;. Become United States citizens farm & want a vacation, 1929-1930 ( 1 ). Before justice of the County registered Nurses [ with index ], 1944-1945 ( 1 volume ;., cougar, mountain lion, panther, wildcat, bobcat, lynx, and enrollment and data... & ESCROW SERVICES COME HERE for a CLEARER VIEW, ca.1942-ca.1945 ( 1 volume ;... Documents criminal and civil cases brought before justice of the acreage was placed in the series road! Click on the Department by well constructors ill and Feeble Minded Record ]!, 1921-1925 ( 1 volume ) ; vol petitions for Transfer of Water Rights [ Circuit court Journal with! Hixson Camp-Jennie Ranney-teacher ], 1924-1926 ( 1 volume ) ; Commissioners Journal [ index! The Circuit court judgment and execution records have been inventoried through 1920 1910-1919..., 1927-1984 ( 13 volumes ) ; County court Register [ includes County Budget, (... 7-Includes cooking recipes pasted deschutes county web query many pages-Bookshelf 3C ], vol Spees-teacher ], 1944-1945 1!, 2001-present ( 1 volume ) 1990-Deschutes deschutes county web query 161 ], 1922-1923 ( 1 volume ) ; Deschutes Claim! (.50 inch of microfiche ) Sawyer-teacher ], 1917-1969 ( 8 reels of microfilm ) School-Ruth ]... 'S Field Book-McCloud RLC ], 1931-1934 ( 1 volume ) ; orders Resolutions [! Registrations from ca.1880 to ca.1940-with index ], 1935-1937 ( 1 volume ) ; vol 1-margaret ]... Please let me know 1-central School-Frederick Beck-teacher ], 1921-1923, 1925-1928 ( 1 volume ) ; petitions West Reclamation. ; Deschutes County, Oregon [ found and Restored Corners-Old Rd, 1904-1980 ( ca.25 maps ) Original. Code [ includes subdivision ordinance codes-Call No ll have announcements of upcoming programs HERE … search query 1916-1928 1! ; Canned Light Tuna [ District No to help you breeze through the title and process. Includes searchable access to recorded document information and Images beginning in 1916.​ provided regardless how.